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Frozen Condensate Pipe Manchester

CONDENSING BOILER PROBLEMS Recent excessively cold winters has brought many problems to modern condensing boilers, one of them being frozen condensate waste pipes. This has caused many boiler breakdowns and much anguish for customers. When a condensate waste pipe becomes frozen this can cause the central heating boiler to shut down completely and will not work again until the problem is rectified often after severe damage has been caused to the boiler and property.

Advanced Gas and Heating Ltd has Gas Safe engineers in Manchester. We are installers of central heating in Manchester and surrounding areas and have a permanent solution to the problem, after investing in a modern and effective remedy for frozen condensate pipes we offer a service to rectify any freezing that occurs within them. We are now installing heating trace kits to condensate pipes, these kits consist of a cable which can be attached to the length of the condensate waste pipe, they are connected to the central heating boiler via a safety cut out. A small electrical current is passed down the cable causing slight heating along the length of the condensate pipe, with the correct type of external lagging this can prevent freezing and thus avoid expensive central heating boiler breakdowns.

We can normally rectify any size or length of condensate pipe. Often this will result in re piping the condensate waste to match the length of the heating trace wire. You can also find information on how to defrost your condensate pipe on many of the manufactures websites.

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