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DIY Gas Work is not Recommended

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This question crops up on a regular basis, can I carry out gas work in my own home for non-profit ?
The Gas Safety Regulations (installation and use) 1988 state that if you are carrying out gas work for profit you must be qualified and competent to do so.

You feel you are competent and not making a profit from working in your own home and this is ok, obviously you do not want to pay somebody qualified as you can carry out the work yourself.

My answer to this question would be:
What would you deem as competent, you could be a fantastic handyman, jack of all trades and be able to carry out a multitude of jobs around the home including installing your own gas appliance or carrying out some form of gas or electrical work. Sounds simple to be classed as competent, but is it ? would you be able to carry out all of the relevant safety procedures associated with the installation of any gas appliance?

You would have to be competent in the following:

Pipe sizing of domestic gas
Soundness testing of domestic gas
Purging of domestic gas
Checking Standing pressures of domestic gas
Checking working pressures of domestic gas
Gas rating of domestic appliances
Fluing and ventilation of domestic gas appliances
Flue gas analysis of domestic gas appliances

Would you feel competent in all of these areas?

People think that they can install there own gas boiler/appliance or carry out gas work in their own home and simply call a registered installer to sign it off. That may be the case, but I would say any Registered Gas Safe Installer with a conscience would not consider doing this!

You would find it very difficult to locate one willing to sign off your own work
Just imagine if you did carry out your own gas work and somebody was killed or injured or property damaged or destroyed, the court case would be the least of your worries.

A trained gas installer goes through a rigorous exam and training procedure in order to gain their qualifications and be deemed safe and competent to work with gas, only then can they be registered as “Gas Safe”.

I would say if you care about yourself and especially others around you do not carry out this type of work just to save a few quid, your actions could endanger life and property
For peace of mind call the experts in to carry out the work, don’t take risks, don’t put others at risk

Don’t take the risk, its not worth it! Call a Gas Safe Registered Installer.